How to Apply Powder Nail System Properly

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Powder Dip Nails are so in nowadays. I think because of how long they last and how easy they can be removed. Below are the steps I use to do a Powder Dip Nails.

Before starting the process, please make sure that you prep your nails. Make sure that your nails are cleaned, shaped and ready for the system.


Powder Nail Dip

Now that you are ready for the process, let’s get to the steps.

Pour a small amount of your OPI Powder Perfection Color Powder shade of choice and OPI Powder Perfection Color Set Powder into small, plastic cups.


Apply one coat of Base Coat to a single nail, making sure to cover the entire surface of the nail. Immediately dip the same nail at a 45-degree angle into the powder dip. Tap off excess powder and repeat on the remaining four nails. Be sure to do it one at a time to prevent the base coat from drying.


Once the hand is complete, tap off any excess powder on the nails. Wait for all the nails to dry. When it’s dry to the touch, used a sanitized brush or alcohol wipe to wipe off any remaining powder. To add more color to the depth, add a second layer of the Base Coat and Color Powder. Repeat the same steps.


When all five nails are all dry and clean, Apply one coat of the nail Activator to all five nails, making sure to cover the entire surface of the nail. Allow to dry completely. While the activator dries, complete the first two steps on the other hand.


Once the other hand is done, go back to the first hand and check if the nail Activator is completely dry. Use a cosmetic brush to brush off any excess powder. Repeat this on the other hand making sure that the Nail Activator is completely dry before cleaning.


The last step is to Apply one coat of Top Coat to each nail and allow at least one minute to dry. Repeat this application on the other hand, then apply a second coat to each hand.

That’s it. Now enjoy your nails! Below are the top Powder Nail Dip Systems.


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Nail Dipping Powder Starter Kit. 1 oz. per jar dip powder. Value kit