5 Things That You Need When Starting your Blog as a Business

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5 Things that you need when starting a blog

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Are you ready to start your blog?

I know that in the beginning you have a lot of questions that needs answers.

And with all the technical stuff and things all over, you don’t even know where and when to start.

But you know that you want to start now!

You see all these bloggers making money online and make their business online and you want to start your own Blog as a business.


5 Things that you need when starting a blog as a Business

I am with you, that’s why I created this post is for those people like you that want to start a blog but does not know where to start.

This 5 things will guide you where to start to your blogging journey.

But first, don’t forget to get our Free Step by Step Guide. This is a detailed guide that will help you start your blog.


How to Start A Blog: FREE Step by Step Guide

1. Create Your Plan

First you need to Create your Plan. 

This is crucial!

You need to plan what you want to do with your blog.

What are your goals. Define them. Dream Big! When you plan your goals for your blog make them when as if they are hard to achieve but you still know you can make them.

Example of things that you need to include on your plan

1. Topic of your blog – decide what is the main topic of your blog, it does not need to be just one. It can be a lifestyle blog that combines most of the lifestyle niche or can be something that you are passionate about. 

2. How much time – plan on how much time you are going to put on your blog. Note that blogging is also hardwork and it does pay off when you work hard.

2. Decide your Domain Name and Hosting

I know, I know this is technical term.

But if you want to start blogging you need to learn this. Domain name is the address of your website. So just like when you are selecting your home, you want this to reflect your personality or even what your blog is all about.

Web Hosting is basically the home of your blog, this is the platform that will power your blog and you want to make sure that your hosting is reliable because you don’t want your blog to be slow.

The best web hosting that I recommend is BlueHost they are very fast and reliable. They are also recommended by WordPress.org which is the main blogging platform that you want to use to make your site pretty and you can easily create your post. I discussed in detail about Bluehost and WordPress on our Free Guide make sure to grab a copy.

Also if you go to Bluehost now you will get a discount with our link.  > CLICK HERE


3. Sign up for Canva

Canva is a free platform that you can create different kinds of marketing images that you need for your site.

I love this platform, it helps me create all the images that I need for my blog and other marketing needs.

You can also use free images from Unsplash.com, Pixabay and Pexels. These websites have a lot of free images that you can your for your website.

4. Create your Pinterest Account

Ok, I know you might be thinking, why do I need to create my pinterest account in the beginning? 

This is because I don’t want you to forget that Pinterest is going to be your best friend for your blog traffic. Most beginner blogger does not know that Pinterest is a great platform to get traffic for your blog.

Also sign up with Tailwind. This App will help you schedule your pins on Pinterest and makes life easier.



5. Learn, Learn and Learn

Need I say more? Learn!

Yes when you are starting your new blog, you need to learn a lot. It will be overwhelming at first, but hang in there.

You will learn a lot of different things here are some topics that you will need to learn a long the way to make your blog successful as a business.

1. Affiliate Marketing – this is the top way to make money online and this is mostly the way all bloggers make money.

2. Social Media Marketing – Make sure you learn about social media marketing to drive traffic to your website.

3. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is also a key to learn. You want people searching on google to find your blog.


How to Start A Blog: FREE Step by Step Guide