5 Steps to Dye Easter Eggs for Bright Colors

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Easter is around the corner and one of the activity that I like to do with my two daughters is the Easter Egg Dye activity.

They are always excited when we start working on the eggs and of course they are more excited when they can play with the colors. Here are the 5 Steps to Dye Easter Eggs. Hope you enjoy working on your easter eggs with your kids!

White eggs
• Small cups or glasses ($16 for set of 6, amazon.com)
• White vinegar ($8 for 1 pint, amazon.com)
• Food coloring ($4 for 4-pack, amazon.com)
• Spoon ($12 for 12-pack, amazon.com)
• Wire cooling rack ($12 for set of 2, amazon.com)
• Parchment paper ($5, amazon.com)

Wash the white eggs. Then put them in a pot, and add water until they’re completely submerged. When the water starts to boil, set a timer for two minutes. 

Then, turn the heat off and let the eggs sit for 10 minutes. Remove the eggs to let them cool in a bowl, save the hot water for the dye.

Prepare the water that was used from boiling the eggs earlier. Bring the water back to a boil.

Prep one small cup or glass for each color you’d like to use.Add one tablespoon of vinegar to each glass, and then pour in the boiling water.

For the brightest colors, add 10 drops of food coloring to each glass. (If you’re mixing shades, use only five drops of each.) Stir until the dye is completely dissolved.


Place an egg in the spoon and slowly dip it into the dye cup that you have prepared earlier.

Leave the egg in as long as you want. Check every minute to see if it’s already your desired shade.

Remove the eggs from the dye cup and place them in a cooling rack.

Do not wipe off the eggs until they are completely dry.

Get creative on your designs! you can add stickers, rubber bands or any shapes you want. 

Make sure to remove the stickers or bands when the dye is completely dry.

5 Steps to Dye Easter Eggs for Bright Colors

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