5 Green Cleaning Products for Spring -Cleaning

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Spring is here and that means annual spring-cleaning is about to begin. This month we also celebrate Earth Day and the acknowledge the importance of saving out planet.  

As we try to be more environmentally conscious, here are five green cleaning products to consider trying out for your spring-cleaning this year. 


I absolutely love the smell of this pink grapefruit all purpose cleaner. I use it mostly for cleaning my kitchen counters and bathroom. Not only does it leave surfaces clean, but it leaves the best scent afterwards. In addition to the pint grapefruit, they also have honeycrisp apple, clementine, french lavender, ginger yuzu and lime + sea salt.

Also check out their other cleaning products including hand soaps and laundry detergent.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products also boast an array of great scents without harsh chemicals. Additionally, products are not tested on animals. Currently, for every hand soap purchased a purple coneflower plant is planted to help spread awareness of endangered plants.

Can’t decide which product to get? Try the variety gift bucket!

Although Green Works is from the Clorox company, it does not contain the same noxious fumes.

It does retain the same tough cleaning action. Products include multipurpose spray and disposable wipes to name a few.

If there was ever a product that boasts “multipurpose” in its description, it would be Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap. This product can be used for face, hair, body, laundry, mopping or pets. With no synthetic preservatives, detergents or foaming agents, this product is truly all natural.

To top it off there are an array of different scents to try or opt for the Baby Unscented for sensitive skin.

I discovered Seventh Generation from my eye doctor of all places. He recommended this brand for hand soap to wash my hands prior to putting my contacts in. Seventh Generation are natural and made for sensitive skin.

Seventh Generation also has a wide variety of products ranging from hypoallergenic and fragrance free dish soap to baby diapers.

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