5 Easy and Yummy Summer Cocktails that you need to make this summer

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5 Easy and Yummy Summer Cocktails

Summer cocktails are best for summer parties.

Everybody would love to have a cocktails on a hot sunny day.

These recipes that I found are really easy, yummy and very refreshing!

Start exploring and making this now!


5 Easy and Yummy Summer Cocktails_
Frozen Sangria Margarita Summer Cocktail

What can be great for a summer party a frozen boozy slushie! This Frozen Sangria Margarita is so good and so easy to make.

Check out the Recipe Here

Watermelon Beer Summer Cocktails

This watermelon beer make use of chunks of watermelon a fresh summer fruit. This is a very good and easy recipe.

Check out the Recipe Here

This simple twist to the classic Tequila Sunrise is simple but refreshing.

 Check out the Recipe Here

Mermaid Lemonade Summer Cocktails

Check out this cool refreshing Mermaid Lemonade. Great colors and so yummy!

Check out the Recipe Here

This shandy recipe starts out with tequila, spiced up with homemade jalapeño simple syrup and sweet, fresh pineapple juice. All you have to do is top it with your favorite beer. Pale ale works wonderfully with the fruit, but most lighter beers work just fine. It’s not an overly spicy drink, either, but if you fear the heat just leave out the jalapeno.

Check out the Recipe Here